Welcome to our second issue of Detours. This is a collection of articles written by teachers, professors, and independent scholars from around the world. These submissions are their most memorable and successful lessons centered around a particular primary source or object. Chad Reid was instrumental in assembling this amazing collection. On behalf of the BCSSTA, I would like to recognize and express our graditude for all his hard work. I would also like to thank my ex-student, Leah McKinney, for her copy-editing work, and my colleague Spirit Lavallee for all her help publishing this issue. I also would like to acknowledge the support of Kate Shuttleworth, our S.F.U Digital Publishing Librarian. She cleared the navigational paths of the OJS platform.

We invite you to take a detour into the authors' rich stories of material objects; we hope you find ways to blend them with your stories and connect to your practice.

Dale Martelli, Editor-in-Chief

Published: 2021-10-20

Wooden Tricksters

Cory Willmott


Experiencing Difference

Yvonne Marshall, Lucy Shipley


Gnaw on the Gobbet

Adam Pounder, Lori Buchanan


The Black Robe

Jim McMurtry