Detours: Social Science Education Research Journal (Detours) is the official journal of the British Columbia Social Studies Teachers Association (BCSSTA) in partnership with the British Columbia Librarians Association (BCLA) and the British Columbia Teacher's Federation (BCTF). Detours provides a multidisciplinary forum for Social Science research, practice, and areas of interest in educational settings.  The aim of the journal is to foster and support dialogue between practitioners and researchers, provide articles of general interest to teachers, offer a platform for researchers to connect with teachers and for teachers to augment professional development with research. 

Vol 1 No 1 (2020): Detours: Social Science Education Research Journal

This is our inaugural issue highlighting three researchers and two teachers. Our aim is to bring Social Science teachers and researchers into conversations around theory and application in the field of education.  "Detours" refers to the Paul Ricoeur inspired hermeneutic notion that inquiry sometimes leads us down unexpected paths. Our next issue will be devoted to conversations between the writers of these articles. 

Published: 2020-10-20

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